Home Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

Fires at home are just as deadly as wildfires; the extreme heat singes and destroys everything it touches, and is capable of costing homeowners an enormous amount of money. House fires are also responsible for a large percentage of deaths around the world, claiming at least seven lives in the United States alone in one day.

Thankfully, fire is a disaster people have learned to fight and – more importantly – prevent. Like all fires, house fires need three things to stay alive: fuel, oxygen, and heat. By removing even one of these from the fire, nothing burns. In a home, several practices are observed to ensure the three do not meet.

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Importance of Fire and Safety Training

Every community in the world recognizes the threat that fires can pose. Small fires can burn down a wastebasket, but can quickly escalate into an inferno that consumes entire villages, towns and sometimes even cities, leaving charred desolation in its wake. For this reason, people have developed various fire safety plans and training systems to help defend against one of the most dangerous elements of Mother Nature.

Fire prevention has its roots as long as fires have been a threat to civilization. One of the earliest recorded incidents of an uncontrolled fire is the Great Fire of Rome, which took place in the year 64. While there are varying accounts as to who was responsible for the fire, fire control systems of the day were already comparable to those exercised by firefighters of the modern age, albeit with lesser technology. As time went on, it became apparent that fire control needed to rest not just in the hands of the authorities, but in the hands of those who would be affected as well. Today, fire prevention is taught at a very young age in most academic institutions to develop awareness on the dangers of fire. The basic concept of stop drop and roll is taught to minimize injury when a person catches fire, and also serves as a psychological tool to minimize the effects of panic.

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Comfort Over Style

My wife Sarah loves high heeled shoes lately because she says it makes her posture and butt look better. Her work needs her to be always looking good and professional because she works as a real estate agent for a nearby suburb. She has been using those kinds of shoes almost every day for the past two months. As of now, she has been experiencing on and off back and leg pains. She just takes over-the-counter pain relievers to alleviate pain. I asked her if she wants me to take a day off working from the fire community class to accompany her for a hospital check up. She smiled and said she’s going to think about it.

Days passed as the pain in her back and legs spread into her feet. I just got home and I was calling her, the kids told me their mom can’t walk properly and she’s still in the bathroom. I came to the bathroom to see her soaking her legs and feet in the tub. I told her I’m not taking No for an answer as we are going for a check-up tomorrow whether she likes it or not.

We went to the doctor and told us that the high heeled shoes caused my wife pain as those kind of shoes are taking their toll on her spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet, while altering her posture and gait. The doctor recommended us to see a foot specialist called a podiatrist to further inspect my wife’s condition. The podiatrist told us that not only improper footwear may cause pain in her body but it also may cause bunions and bunionettes. My wife asked the doctor what causes bunions and other information so she she’ll know what and what not to do.

Bunions develop when the pressures of changing your weight fall unevenly on the joints and tendons in your feet. This asymmetry in tension on foot makes the big toe joint unsecure, and then in turn, making parts of the joint into a hard knob that juts out beyond the normal shape of the foot. They look like bumps on the side of the big toe and indicate changes in the bony framework of the front part of the foot. Bunionettes on the other hand develop on the other side of the foot but it also has the same causes as the bunions have. Other causes include heredity, foot deformities during birth and recurring foot injuries.

There are no really called “best shoes for bunions” but we have to keep in mind that when in buying shoes, one should prioritize comfort over style. What’s the use of buying a nice, sleek looking shoes if you can’t wear it often and if it will just cause you large amount of pain. That’s a big price to pay just to look good. Also, bear in mind to always fit the shoes that you’re going to buy even if you already know your shoe sizes. Shoe manufactures vary sizes and have different designers to begin with which may not fit in your foot shape. Wear and walk in it for a few minutes if it’s comfortable.

A Firefighter at Heart

I’ve been trying to make drafts for the fire prevention book that I’m writing about and it’s really going good. I’ve already made about 20 pages of still unedited pieces. My target is about a hundred edited pages to have something as a portfolio. My wife is open to help me proofread my work. I have yet to find a publisher to accept my drafts though. I’ve asked professional writers around that normally, publishers would want something concrete written then they’ll review that and try to make it better.   If both parties agreed about the alterations necessary to potentially sell it, then they’ll talk about the cover design layouts, the costing, the loyalties and the distribution. I’m so excited to publish my book as it’s one of my lifelong dreams.

During lunch, my wife Stacey told me a funny story about a kid next door. The kid’s name is Mark and he’s just 9 years old. I know him as he always ride his mountain bike around our neighbourhood. He used to work as a part-time newspaper boy when he was younger during summer. He asked Stacey if her husband really is a writer. She asked why and told her that he needs a book report about cats, mainly roundworms in cats and manges in cats. He was seriously as he was willing to pay me 10 bucks for a fee. We had a real crack about the kid. Stacey told me that she made it appear that I’m too busy with writing a book and can’t commit on his book report.

As I continue to type on my laptop, thinking about my wife’s story made me smile. I still don’t consider myself as a writer. It’s just funny that the kid thinks that I do that for a living. As weird as it may seem, I still consider myself as a firefighter. I’ll always be a firefighter. I’d like to think that I’m still as alert now as I was when younger. I’m just slower now because of aging.

Thinking about being a fireman, this takes me back about the good and bad times I had with my buddies at the fire department. I remember when a buddy of mine who we thought was stuck on a burning building. He’s a Mexican guy named Jorge. He’s 6 foot tall, about 200lbs. of muscle, bald and has a full beard. He tried rescuing an old lady and her in an apartment downtown. His priority was to get the lady out as he can’t find her cat. He got the lady out fast then he rushed to the scene again to find her cat. We all thought that we rescued all of the dwellers of the burning building. Only my buddy knew that there was a cat upstairs. Our captain was searching for all the members of the fire department members listed who arrived on the scene but one was missing, it was Jorge. We all started panicking as he wasn’t with us; we all thought he was still stuck up there. After a few minutes later, we were still trying to pick up his radio’s signal to contact him. We saw him holding a carton of milk and a cat. He said he just bought milk as requested by the old lady. I told him that he really got us going as I sighed for relief. What a night!

Fun Times We Had

I miss the times that I had with my old buddies at the fire department. It is almost a year and we have not seen each other for a while, so I thought of having a party here in my house is in order. I told my wife about it and she was excited because I asked her to organize it for me. She just loves organizing parties back in the day. I told her that nuts could not be served because one of them has an allergy to it. I also told her that we could not have too many beers, as all of them love beer including me. I have already called most of them and they told me that they could come two Sundays from now. I told Stacey about it and she said that it is more than enough time to prepare the party.

Time flew too fast and it is already our party. It was 8pm and people started to arrive one at a time. Andrew, Rick, Mike and Paul came with their wives, Anne, Kate, Nathalia and Mary. Jorge came with his beautiful three-year girlfriend, Tasha while Ben came alone. He told us that her wife is currently on vacation at her mom’s house in Orange County. Stacey and I served drinks and food. I am so glad that they were all having a great time.

Most of us were reminiscing the times when Ben and I was still with them at the department. Ben and I retired almost at the same time. I believe that I retired two months ahead of him. Ben shared that his most memorable experience with the department was when he was trapped inside a burning building because he was rescuing a paralyzed kid. The kid was so afraid to move with his wheelchair when he learned about the fire and luckily, someone from the building saw the kid and told Ben about him. Ben told us that he did not think twice whether he will survive or not because it was his job. We all laughed loudly and teased him a superhero, but it was true. He is one of the best firefighters that I have ever worked with in my career. Ben and the kid almost died that day. He sustained some scratches and burns and we are all glad that he was okay.

Andrew, on the other hand, was trying his best to keep his face straight while telling us the story when we had a team building at a beach. He shared that his most memorable experience with Ben was when he had a very severe sunburn, probably a second degree sunburn, and we all cracked about it as we all know what happened that day. He added that he did not know that Ben will be seen crying with a sunburn because he really look so tough and that doubled our laughter. Ben explained that he was trying to impress a hottie in surfing and he forgot to use a sunscreen. He spent his four days with sunburnt pain and it was so hilarious for us because it was just for a girl who did not give her number to Ben.

I’m so happy that we did this thing. I just miss all the guys and I love seeing them happy with their lives. I hope that this is not the last time that we would see each other.

Trip to the Dermatologist

I have been really stressed lately because I am so buried with paper work at school, while I also have to make a new curriculum for my class. To de-stress, I try to swim every weekend, as I also needed to exercise. I do not know if they are related, but I seem to develop scalp folliculitis, aka acne necrotica miliaris, at the same time that I was having problems dealing with my work. I told Stacey about my scalp problem. She looked at it and told me that they looked dry and scaly. She mentioned a number of dry scalp remedies that I could try which includes olive oil, tea tree oil, lemon juice, apple cider, or honey. She told me that I have just to apply it on my scalp and let it stay for fifteen minutes or so and then I just rinse it off with water.

I tried it for a couple of days and it worked, but it was still itchy. It was really bothering me so I finally, I decided to go to a dermatologist for a proper treatment. I asked Stacey if she can accompany me because I am a bit uncomfortable going to the dermatologist alone. I told my wife that I am uncomfortable because it was my first time to go to a dermatologist. Stacey told me that it was okay because men also go to dermatologists all the time.

It is the weekend and it is time to go to the clinic. We went to the clinic early because as much as possible; we do not want to wait for longer lines. When I booked for the appointment, the receptionist told me that, even though we are scheduled for 9am, we should be there an hour earlier because sometimes, there were people who come late and the doctor prefers to treat people who were already in the area rather than waiting for late patients.

After five minutes, I was called and let into the office. I asked my smiled to Stacey to come inside with me and she giggled. The doctor introduced herself as Dr. Reeves. I told her about my problem and the things that I have done to try to treat it myself, but I was unsuccessful. I also asked her if it was because of my stress that caused to develop my scalp problem. She looked at it with a big magnifying glass with a very bright light. After a few minutes of examining my scalp, she told me that it was indeed folliculitis. She asked me if I always swim in the pool lately and I said yes. She mentioned that I should be wary of swimming pools that are not carefully treated with chlorine.

She prescribed me with Mupirocin, an antibacterial topical ointment that will help heal my scalp problems. I should use it twice daily after taking a bath. She also told me that prevention is always better than cure. She reminded me to rinse my body after swimming in public pools and spas to prevent contamination. She added that I should continue putting oil on my scalp until dryness is gone.

Broken Dreams

My son Devin is very fond of playing basketball. He always plays with his buddies every weekend at the park nearby. He used to dream of being an NBA star, but unfortunately, he had recurring injuries on his knees, arms and then later on, a shoulder dislocation. The worse thing was that it affected his shooting arm, which is his left hand. What happened was he had a pick and roll with his teammate and instead of rolling away from his guard, he decided to drive through the big man, who was really solid and burly power forward, and it was like that he drove on a wall and then he slammed to the floor with his shoulders. It took him a few minutes to shake off the contact and he thought that he just needed to ice his shoulders and he was going to be okay. His shoulder was reddened and swelling so he did not return to the game. Instead, he came home early to ice his shoulders at home. He was brought home by his best friend Jason, who consequently plays for an NBA D League team right now. After a few days when his shoulder swelling came down, his shoulder still hurts. He could still dribble, but he could not shoot with proper follow through, thus, he could not make shots as often as he would have. He came home depressed and frustrated. He just locked himself in his room and his brother told me about it.

When I learned about his latest injury, I told him that he needed to have it x-rayed or ran an MRI on it to determine his condition. He told me that he was terrified to know about his real condition and he asked me to give him some time to think about it. He shared that there would be try-outs with NBA D League teams in a few days and he wanted to go, but he could not. I looked into his eyes and I saw frustration and disappointment on himself. I understood what he was going through so just I let it go. I told him that he could always talk to me whenever he needs to and he thanked me for it.

It took him a week before he made a decision and it is always better late than never. He asked me if it was still okay if I accompany him to the hospital and I told him that I could come along during weekend. We went to the hospital and saw his doctor. After a few hours, we got his results and he was told that he needed to rest his shoulder for over a month. He was given a cortisone shot because the doctor saw some swelling. He was also advised to wear a sling on his left arm to make his shoulder more stable for faster recovery. I was waiting for him to ask his doctor, if he would still be able to play ball, but he did not ask because he already knew the answer. I feel sorry for my son. I really am.

Not my Ordinary Day

I haven’t really gotten in touch with my former co-workers and friends in the fire department because I am busy with teaching at the community school, and at the same time, I try to make drafts of my book about fire safety. It is really hard to write a book as I have many ideas in my mind and I cannot seem to arrange them in a way where I need to put them in certain chapters of the book.

It is a weekend and I was trying to sort my drafts so I can print a copy and pass it to a publisher who could fund and help me release my book because it has been my ultimate dream to see my name in bookstores nationwide and that would enable me to help people know more about fire safety. It was a normal weekend with me constantly typing in front of my laptop and I got a call from Jorge, my friend who I used to work with the department. He asked me if I was busy because he needed someone to talk. I asked him if he was okay and he told me that he was not as he had many sleepless nights thinking about his dad’s condition. I told him that it is much better if he just comes over and he was glad that I offered. I told my wife that Jorge is coming over so I asked her if she could make snacks for us. She asked if sandwiches would suffice and I told her that it is more than enough. I also checked our fridge for beers as I thought that we might need it later.

Someone pulled over our driveway so I took a peek in our window and I saw Jorge. He looked like he was really stressed. Before he even could knock on the door, I opened it and invited him in. I introduced him to Stacey and he said hi. I told Jorge that we should just talk at the balcony so he could freely talk about what is on his mind. I got us some beers to go with the sandwiches that my beautiful wife made. Jorge started to tell me what happened. He shared that his dad was recently diagnosed on having kidney stones and he needed to have a surgery, but the thing was, he does not have money to pay for it. He tried going to community hospitals for a cheaper price, but they told him that his dad needs a really good surgeon to perform the operation because his dad’s kidney stones are big and it already caused infection that is blocking the flow of urine out of his dad’s kidney. I told him that my wife knows a surgeon and maybe she can help him. I know that they also give pro bono surgeries if the patient is qualified. I advised him that in the meantime, his dad might use home remedies for kidney stones like drinking more fluids than usual and drinking an apple cider vinegar solution twice a day. I told him that I would update him as soon as possible when my wife talked to his surgeon friend.

No Right Answers

One night, my wife and I tried to humor ourselves and took an interest in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  It’s not really a test because there will be no right or wrong answers. I’ve heard various comments about it that it’s useless, baseless, and unstable but Forbes businessmen love it.  It even made me more curious that psychologists, the creator’s peers, nullify the said indicator and chose other means to figure out personalities.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a very popular type of assessment tool which was designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions towards relationships.  Perception involves the ability to see things, people, happenings, or ideas in a certain manner depending on your character. Judgment involves all the ways of coming to conclusions about what has been perceived. The goal of Isabel Briggs Myers, and her mother, Katharine Briggs, was to make the insights of type theory accessible to individuals and groups.
We came up with the results INFJ relationships and ENFJ relationships, respectively.  INFJ stands for for Introvertive, iNtuitive, Feeling and Judging. It says that INFJs are patient, devoted and protective lovers. They make excellent parents as they are heavily bonded with their children. They are also capable of great depth of feeling and personal achievement. However, they have real high expectations of their children as they have the need and desire to push them to their fullest potentials. Moreover, explicit inner conflicts are also common in INFJ’s since enhancing their self-awareness sometimes make it difficult for them to understand their deepest and most intricate feelings.
Meanwhile, my wife’s result was ENFJ. ENFJ’s are people-focused individuals. They live in the world of people possibilities. They have the most exceptional people skills among the other types. They have a good heart and always focus on things for the betterment of all. They love giving care and support as they are also focused on understanding, supporting, and encouraging others. They make things happen for people, and get their best personal satisfaction from this.  They sometimes feel quite lonely even when surrounded by people. They can also be creative and diverse individuals who always see the good in people as they seek to develop the potential within their relationships. They are so ecstatic with their plans for the future but they don’t do too much about it in their present.
Bear in mind that the Myers-Briggs type indicator does not assess pathology because it just groups people into 16 basic personality types based on four basic dimensions.  In my own humble opinion, the results gave us somewhat mixed conclusions as some are true, some are not.  My wife and I were laughing and oftentimes contradicting results because we know each other too well that we don’t really need any test or exam to know if we’re compatible or not.  I just know we’re compatible because we’ve been very happily married for the last 20 years and that is through love, compromise and understanding.

Honest Mistake has been feeling under the weather for the past few days. I took a leave of absence from school to take care of her. She has some occasional coughs with slight fever. She also does not have a good appetite and I am really worried about her. What makes it worse is that she has a new symptom, itchy armpits and numbness in left arm. I was just planning to let her sleep all day to let her properly recover from her illness. Unfortunately, new symptoms occurred so we have no choice, but to go to the hospital for a visit to her doctor.

It took us some time to get ready as Stacey is weak and she cannot carry her own weight. I called my two sons, Devin and Carl to help me carry their mom inside the car. They were surprised that their mom is still sick. I thought that I have already told both of them. I must be really getting forgetful on things because of my age. It was nice that both of our sons offered to come to the hospital to show support to their mom.

We arrived at the hospital in almost an hour. We paged Stacey’s doctor and waited until we were told that we could already go in his office. Stacey shared that she just felt a sudden numbness on her arm and itchiness on her pits when she woke up. I told her to be calm because her doctor will examine her and we will know the reason because her doctor is good with diagnosis and she agreed. I asked our sons to go to the hospital cafeteria to get us some sandwiches and water. After a few minutes, Stacey’s doctor came and greeted us. Her name is Dr. Meg Wilson and she had been her doctor for over ten years, and she is really great. She invited us inside her office, but my sons told us that they‘d just wait for us in the lobby because they did not want to cramp the room. My boys are already 6”2 and they are just 18 years old. I reminded them not to wander anywhere because there are many sick people in the area and I do not want them to get something.

Dr. Wilson interviewed my wife about her condition and after a few minutes, she told us that her new symptoms did not have any relation with each other and it does not make sense. She added that the two new symptoms also did not have anything to do with my wife’s initial condition. She thought of it long and hard and then I saw her whisper something to my wife and they both laughed. I was surprised with what they were doing and I asked me what it was. They both told me that it was already solved. My wife told me that she might just have slept under her right arm resulting in numbness, while the symptom on her armpits might be caused by not taking a real bath for the last three days, and we all started laughing. We were glad that it was not serious this time.

Birthday Present

Next month is going to be my wife’s 65th birthday and I wanted to give my wife, Stacey something special. I know that she is pretty lonely in our home because I still work during weekdays from 7am to 5pm as a teacher at our local community college. I told our sons, Devin and Carl about it and they thought that I should give her something that will keep her company.

The three of us thought that a dog would be a perfect fit for her because when she was younger, she used to have two dogs and she loved them dearly. We have yet to decide on what breed to get her. Devin suggested that I get her a Pomeranian mix, while Carl was rooting to get her mom a boxer mix. I told them that we still have lots of time to decide about that breed to get her. I invited them to come along with me to pet shops around town to canvass prices and they told me that they could accompany me next Saturday. I reminded them not to tell their mom about our plans because I want her to be surprised.

The weekend came and I met with my sons outside the house, so that my wife would not suspect a thing. I told Stacey that I have a meeting with the principal at the school. She asked me to drop by the grocery store before going home to buy her a bag of pasta and some eggs because she wants to make a good and hearty dinner later. I told her that I would be gone for an hour or so and she should enjoy her day.

My kids and I went to many pet shops and we did not find anything good for Stacey. We just saw the usual hamsters, rabbits and fishes, but not much about dogs. One pet shop owner told us that they did not have much stock as people buy directly from breeders. Devin remembered that he bought a cat for his kids from a breeder and he thought that maybe, the breeder knows someone who also breeds dogs. He called the breeder and fortunately, he did know someone and it was just a block away. We were excited about it and we drove off to the breeder’s house.

We pulled over in front of his house and we saw an old man sitting on the porch. We greeted him and asked if he was the dog breeder. He smiled and told us that it is his son. He called him and told him that he has customers. He instantly came outside and he invited us in. I was surprised with a wide array of breed of dogs that he was offering. While we were deciding on what to get, he shared that all dogs have the same need whatever their breed is. He added that fish oil for dogs and hypoallergenic dog food are the trend right now. Fish oils are used for better coat, while the special dog food is for the prevention of allergies since some of the dog food manufacturers right now are cost cutting and they use low-grade ingredients to make them. I was surprised about it and he shared that his dog was a victim of it. His dog developed itching because of that dog food brand and he never used it with his pets since then.


My dad died of pneumonia two years ago and my mom has been staying with my older brother since then. I really wanted her to live with my family, but my mom told me that our house is not big enough and she does not want her to be a bother to me. I told her that she is not and I would love her to stay with us. She just told me that she would be visiting us from time to time.

My mom called me last night and she told me that she is planning to visit me this coming weekend. I was surprised and at the same time, very excited to see her. I talked to my brother and asked him about the reason why our mom is planning to visit me. He told me that he was the one who suggested our mom about it because he observed that our mom was lonely in his home. He added that he often sees our mom staring blankly at the wall. He talked to him about it and she told him that she misses their dad very much.

I still remember what happened to our dad years ago. He was having a hard time breathing and coughing and we all thought that he was having his usual asthma attacks, so we just gave him his Salbutamol inhaler whenever that happens. We find it odd, as he was not getting better, so we decided to bring him to the hospital for a consult to his doctor. The doctor used a stethoscope on him and he told us that he has some wheezing, but it was a bit different from normal asthmas. He recommended my dad to have an x-ray to see if his asthma became worse. He added that it could be a toss-up between bronchitis vs. pneumonia. After a few hours, we already had the result and it was indeed a bacterial pneumonia. He told us that untreated asthmas normally become pneumonia. He asked my dad about when was the last time that he was checked up by his pulmonologist and he told him that it was over a year ago. The doctor added that asthmatic people needs to visit their doctors at least twice a year so that the doctor can always adjust the dosage of the medicine or even change them.

The doctor recommended confining my dad for three days so that they could observe him, if the medicine is making him better, but my dad did not want to because he was thinking that it was too pricey. He also added that he did not want to be a burden to his family. We all tried to convince our dad, but he really did not want to, so he was just given his prescriptions. He was instructed to take antibiotics for treatment. He was also advised not to consume alcohol or tobacco, as it will just worsen his condition. I did not know what our dad was thinking as some of us saw him smoking cigarettes one time. We scolded him about it, but it’s always him that has to decide for himself. He died because he had too much fluid in his lungs and it was very unfortunate.

Fire Rescues

I have responded to a number of fires in my career as a firefighter and one experience really stands out above the rest. I still remember it as if it was yesterday. I was hanging out with Jorge at around 7pm. We were playing cards and sipping a good, hot cup of coffee when the phone rang. Someone answered it and then I heard someone shouting that there was a fire on the 15th street intersecting Madison Avenue. Jorge and I quickly rushed to get our jackets and ran towards our fire truck. Loud sirens echoed along the streets almost nulling the sound of our radios. Someone told us that another building was also currently on fire which was four blocks away from the first reported fire incident. I was nervous because it was going to be hard putting out fire on two buildings simultaneously in two different locations. Our captain decided to designate another team leader that will be in charge with the other building and he chose me. That night, we only had twenty-four firefighters available and only two fire trucks so we really had to step up double time and maximize the resources that we had. Our department has 30 regular firefighters and 10 occasional volunteers. I hope that some of them would hear about the fire and decide to help because we badly needed it.

The Captain and I both each had a fire truck to use. He told me to do everything quickly so that the fire would not spread, as there were strong winds that night. I agreed and told him that I will do the best that I can. At first, it was so hard to deal with it because we were undermanned, but we did not have a choice, so we did at one-step at a time. After almost three hours, we put the fire out entirely on the two buildings. Jorge was feeling weak and he told me that he has a salty taste in mouth. I told him that I experienced that too when I was dehydrated. I suggested that he needed to be examined by the paramedics as soon as possible to be safe. I got us cold water to quench our thirsts and I accompanied him to the paramedic nearby.

I told the paramedic what happened to Jorge and he said that it is quite normal to occur with firefighters as we always deal with blazing heat during rescues. After a few minutes, Jorge looked better as he rested for a bit. He asked the paramedic if the metal taste in mouth is also the same as the salty one because he experienced it too few months ago. He told him that they are different. He added that there are many causes of it like poor dental hygiene, taking antibiotics, or consuming foods with toxins. Jorge told us that he was having a treatment for his UTI that time, so he had to take a week’s worth of antibiotics. The paramedic advised us to keep hydrating ourselves during rescues to prevent salty tastes.

Almost Got Inked

Being pregnant is very hard to deal with for women. Not only that they have to go through many signs and symptoms like nausea, frequent urinating and vomiting, but they also gain twice or thrice their normal size. Then even have to deal with stretch marks. I knew about this because my wife almost had a tattoo over stretch marks a few months after her pregnancy with Carl. It really bothered her because she cannot put on her swimsuit anymore as we used to go to the beach every weekend. I did not like the idea because I have read a couple of articles that have many alternative ways in dealing with stretch marks like putting Retin A, Glycolic Acid, Egg oil and Vit C and E. They lighten up the affected area and is not invasive and drastic as much as putting tattoos over them.

We had a deal that she had to try the things that I have researched for two months and if nothing happened, she could put a tattoo even on the stretch marks on breasts that she has. To put in on a better and fair perspective, we took a picture of her stretch marks and then we will compare it after the span of two months while constantly using the products.

Stacey hated putting it every day on her affected areas because it was greasy, but I told her that it was verified and proven to work so it is going to be worth it. She sometimes even forgets to put them on during night time, but I always make it a point to remind her about it. In just a month, we have already seen positive results and she even sometimes forgets to put them on so it was really effective. The bet that we made was already settled and she told me that she is going to use them every day and every night for best results. She told me that she shared the results to some of her friends and they were delighted about it. They told my wife that they are also going to try what she have done because it is cheaper and much more effective than having a tattoo.

Two months passed and her marks looked like they were never there. Stacey is so happy with what happened and she thanked me for it. She also said sorry for doubting me and forcing the idea of being inked just because of her vanity issues. I told her that I have nothing against getting tattoos, but I was not agreeable on the reason on why she was getting one in the first place. She agreed and told me that she was just desperate back then. I do not know if she was messing with me, but she told me that she wants to be inked on her back. I asked her about the design, but she still does not have an idea on what design she wants. I told her that she should get a good artist as it is going to be a permanent tattoo.